A View That Won't Change

by Andrew V Phillips

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released December 10, 2012

Written, performed and recorded by Andrew Phillips
Mike Havies – Vocals
Ross Absell Maurice – Additional vocals on Somewhere other than here
Mixed and mastered by James Plotkin



all rights reserved


Andrew V Phillips Edinburgh, UK

Andrew is a musician and visual artist living in Edinburgh.

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Track Name: Honey trap
I was longing to drift away, I could leave without a single doubt.
In your eye's my sun's set, my doubts held no regret.

Testing patience, holding nerve, take the risk of speaking first. I played my part, blindly, treading with care is not enough to avoid a silence where..
You talk, you say, long to move away.

Couldn't wait to turn away, to leave without, a parting doubt.
With closed eye's, and half breath, feel lost in your suggestion.

If I could loose this longing to move away, I would live without any doubt.
Track Name: Change of heart
It feels time to, look for a less obvious way, to express my desire to leave again. Pick up and go wherever hope takes. To find it in any place.

Let you down gently, catch your breath in arms thrown wide. Make just one sound, enough to recognise, a call of separation.

Waiting patiently for, just one thing to change. To count up all of my luck, and place it in someone else's hand's. Hope they use it well, instead of waiting. Just go and write, or stare for ages.

If you knew the truth you'd say "help won't make a difference."
Altruism's good but my efforts might add to another's plight.

Whilst looking to find a niche, to best serve my desire, found what I did least expect to find; you care more than I thought.

If you turned to walk away, I know it as expression of your wish to stay.
I won't turn away. Move closer, and say...How it hurts, and why do so few care to listen? I'll take a fall for you, something wants me to.
Track Name: Become quiet
Become quiet, fall some more, know life through a book
You settle down, get to know your ground
Bathing in dust sets you apart

You settle down, now you’re tounge tied
Life becomes atrophied.
Think about, lack of faith
Talking goes in circles

Life as dust unsettled. But just for now

You become quiet, you settle down and
Get hung up on everything
I don’t know where you are
If you’re down then then you’re down
Track Name: Like a King
I thought I knew which direction life was taking
The last one showed me that
But it didn’t take long to forget my ideal
Once I knew the sweet taste of revenge

I second guess how much need is in you
To see what lies beyond each vale
I feel it too, this sand must be drunk on
The blood spilled at my command

It can’t wait until you see another face and shadow to me
One that’s gaunt and bloodthursty
In the next life, a thousand years
I can conceal from outside

Nevr too late to choose
Where horizon kisses the ground
When to taste, when to listen

Give up all to
When to lavish him like a king
It seems that he see’s everything
Place your faith in divine rule
For a leader with grace you’ll
Lavish him, like a king
Bestow upon him everything
All the dream appear to you
Now its clear
Do what you have to

Never too late to choose where horizon kisses ground
Now I know when to taste, when not to listen
I see how I could’ve made it right

Each life lost takes away from me
Revenge has no honour anyway

I can’t hold each love for you
I can’t tell how much time I have until I’m through
Track Name: Somewhere other than here
If you lived here you’d be home already
Wouldn’t need to reach out anymore
it’s alright right to hold on
but I wish to be empty

after many years in one place
what has changed?
What can I carry?
Walked every mile kicking up dust
Only patience knows

Wanders back and forth
Never to be still
One breath and I’m gone
Settled like dust
Wonderfully restless

If you lived here you’d be home already
Won’t need to reach out to anyone
It’s alright, you never wanted anything
Should’ve just held my breath

If you felt safe to be by my side
And were moved just enough to keep yourself alive
To reach out was all I could do
To try to be empty for you

Many times not just this time
I feel a chance to make a break
To move far away, never be afraid
It always seems that life’s about to start
Until then I need to find something to keep you off my mind
Track Name: Some perspective
If there’s one thing I know from here, it’s hard to be close
When we’re both standing on a line
Just the touch of our toes
It wavers and moves with each twist we make
Where there’s an edge on both sides we try to share our lives

Climbing in a new line, no one mentioned to me
That it’s not my place to be the first to this peak
Tried to inspire you with something too delicate
Leaning beyond my edge would make us meet

A misguided gesture, it turned and cut me down
If I speak up, I’m frozen

Up against an edge where I can almost feel the air
Now I’ve suppressed any doubt, I know this is about
The clarity I feel for the things closest to me
When I’m finely balanced
When I know you’re there

Where we fail to climb
Cut through our own line
Real life lies outside
Safer not to face the light
Track Name: Live everywhere
Hearing stories of dreams outside
Watching films that are still
Like a wandering man in a vivid plan
As the curtains close I take a bow
Where to next?
Why do my thoughts always flow to foreign lands…

I know I’m right, to hold a dream in sight
Take a chance in time, and live everywhere

Hearing stories of dream outside
Watching films that are still
Like a wandering man with a vivid plan

I know I’m right to hold a dream in sight
Take a chance in time and live
Track Name: Absence
Time asks; where did you go?
And why should I leave your memory far away?
I should keep it close

The only trace left, lies beneath a blanket of white
With city lights that only burn the night endlessly
This red heat invokes your memory
I came here to try to find the fatal place
Where our friendship was torn to dust by a twist of fate
I can’t recall the moment
Too late

Everywhere I go will never be far enough away
As I long to live someone else’s life
To recreate from this death the last of your life

Time can’t tell me where you’ve gone
Or why I should let another thing slip away from me
So I try to hold on to your memory

See through the fine lights, a faint outline
Your body floats
You’re distant but you breath right
Still alive for me

Don’t need to look anymore
I know wherever I go there’s no choice to be without you
I wouldn’t want to be away from…

I can’t describe it. Don’t know why I even try to talk

Can’t let this chance slip away..